All posters provided are available in PDF format and are presented in colour. The posters can also be printed in black and white.

The posters can be printed as A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 posters. Please choose the size of the poster you require in your print settings.

We can brand all posters for your organisatio, surgery or business should you require it. For more information, please contact us

Symptoms and risk factors – type 1 diabetes
Symptoms in children
Type 1 symptoms
The big 3 symptoms
Understand type 1
Know the warning signs of type 1 diabetes
Symptoms and risk factors – type 2 diabetes
Type 2 – are you at risk?
Type 2 risk factors
Type 2 – are you at risk?
Undiagnosed – know the risks
Understand type 2 diabetes
Lower your type 2 diabetes risk
Diabetes awareness
Differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Diabetes Forum
Get support from other people with diabetes
Find support from 250,000 people
Find support from 250,000 people – app
Join the fastest growing community
Facts and figures
People with diabetes by 2025
NHS budget spent on diabetes
Type 2 – preventable with lifestyle changes
Checks and Complications
Diabetes – the complications
Every 20 seconds a limb is lost
9 daily foot checks for people with diabetes
Hypoglycemia (Hypo) symptoms
Hyperglycemia symptoms
Managing your diabetes
Treating a hypo
Hypo Awareness Program
Hypo Awareness Program: Benefits
Hypo Awareness Program: Why?
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